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Winter Woolies

Now it is getting colder we are looking for our favourite knitwear to put over our liberty tops.

A great British company we have recently come across is Bonnie UK, they do beautiful knitwear for children.  Their collections are designed and manufactured in the UK and all made of 100% lambswool and machine washable!  We particularly love the box jumper and cardi, both of which come in a great range of colours.  These are pieces to cherish and hand down to younger siblings but are completely wearable for everyday activities, be it running on beach on a cold windy day or going out to tea in – just like Daisy & Olive!  Have a look at their website www.bonnieuk.com!


Liberty Shoe Laces

We are very exited about this blog, we’ve been working hard at Daisy & Olive and come up with these fabulous liberty shoe laces which we hope and think you’ll love.  They are original, fun and of course use liberty prints along with being practical, functional and useful.

This has been an idea after seeing girls in great outfits but rather plain shoe laces and we thought we’d like to change that and cheer up shoes with fun laces!

Shoe Laces 10x10

So firstly we sampled the width, thickness and length of the lace.  Then when we were satisfied with all of these we selected three liberty prints that we feel look great as laces.  We have used Clara, Junos Gardens and Katie & Millie giving us three different prints in three colourways.  We made up hundreds of metres of the shoe lace.  Now this took us a little bit of time!  Joining all the ends, adding the thickening, stitching the edges together and we then we had to sew back down the other side!  This long length of shoe lace was then sent off to a great factory in England to tag the ends, which they’ve done brilliantly using clear tags so that the print can show through.

Now we have the finished shoe laces in our studio ready to go but wanting these laces to be that extra bit special we have added a beautiful heart charm inscribed “made with love”.  We know how girls love beautiful things and these charms just give the laces the perfect finishing touch.  We hope you love them as much as we do and they will be available very shortly on our website.

Our Favourite Liberty Prints

In this weeks blog we are looking at our favourite Liberty Prints.  There are so many to choose from it is difficult to start and even more difficult to select the perfect prints for our collection.   We are spoilt for choice!  We have chosen a few from Liberty’s classic and seasonal collections that stand out to us at the moment.

From the classic prints we love Poppy & Daisy, Margaret Annie and one we haven’t used yet Clara A with its busy floral design in a bright fun colourway.

Poppy & DaisyMargaret AnnieClara


From Liberty’s Autumn Winter 2016 seasonal prints we love is Anise C.  The fabulous peacocks and the wonderful colours and pattern are fun and happy!  Perfect for making one smile on a cold winters day.


But we do have an all time favourite – we probably shouldn’t but we do!   It’s Mauvey F, big bold flowers in fabulous colours.  It’s a fun print in great colourways, you can’t not love it and we think it looks fantastic on our wonderful model Olivia!

MauveyBlue Skirt 2

What are your favourites?!


In this blog we thought we’d share a couple of books with you that we have enjoyed reading this summer.  It is a great treat to read a good book and according to radio 4 one of best ways to relax!

At Daisy & Olive we love anything Liberty from their fabulous prints to the wonderful London store so, ‘At Liberty From Rehab to Front Row’ by Ed Burstell, Liberty’s Managing Director, was an obvious read for us.  It is a fantastic easy brilliant read which we loved!  A novel we really enjoyed was ‘The Muse’ by Jessie Burton, which was gripping from start to finish.

Books for girls we have enjoyed are ‘The Princess and the Foal’ by Stacy Gregg, this book is inspired by the life of Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein and a fabulous book, one we now have on audio too and love listening to.  ‘Manxmouse’ by Paul Gallico, a wonderful story and any ‘Famous Five’ book.  We have currently started ‘A Little Princess’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which we are really enjoying.

Now the nights are drawing in we will hopefully have more time to enjoy more wonderful books!



So far at Daisy & Olive

 Here we are racing toward the end of September with a summer which has flown by and a blog which got slightly neglected!

We have had a great response to our collection especially our Liberty tana lawn tops and we know we could not have done it without the wonderful help and support of a few people, who we thought we’d mention in this blog.

Going right back to the start after we designed and sampled our collection here we found a fabulous factory in Wales who have made up our orders just the way we wanted them – beautifully and to the highest quality.  They care about each garment going through their factory so you know you are getting something that has been made with love and very importantly in Great Britain!  Thank you Judie and your team!